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NewYorkWebsiteDesigner is the solution for all your web site and e business application development consulting needs.

As businesses continue the development towards meeting their demands online, e business application development ought to have more focused awareness. Our experts will work with you during each segment of your web site or e business application development project to ensure most favorable performance. All our resources and processes are committed to ensuring that our e-business application development services are of the highest excellence and scalability.

Another angle of looking at things is e business application development. They can be Internet (with a three-tiered architecture) or just client-server based (with a two-tiered architecture). NewYorkWebsiteDesigner can develop business applications in both these technologies.

By e business application development, we mean development of applications for a particular domain. Such domains could be financials (general ledger, payables, receivables, etc), insurance, mortgage, manufacturing, assets, order management, customer relationship management, logistics, inventory, sales, payroll, personnel, etc. The business application could also be in some specific areas such as letter processing system, work flow applications, leave monitoring system, raw material tracking system, document management, resume maintenance system, on-line testing system, newsletter application, survey applications, etc. The systems mentioned here are only to give an indication of the type of systems that come under the broad category of "e Business Applications" - the list is very long.

In all these cases very specialized project managers of NewYorkWebsiteDesigner can sit down with the client to evolve the specs for the e business application development. The subject matter expert of the client will be involved in such discussions.

Some examples of work that we have recently done:

  • Claim Management System (CMS) - Customizable application for distributed organizations to automate claim management. Client - Mid Size Claim Management Co.

  • Facility Management System (FMS) - System encompassing document tracking, archiving, workflow, multiple authorization levels and administration. Client - Independent Healthcare Facility based New Jersey

  • Mobile Patient Management System - System based on a Palm OS to manage Patent records and inventory of diseases and prescriptions. Client - Healthcare focused software company

  • Medical Records - Tracking system including barcode generation, quality check, stocking, location, invoicing, dispatch and routings. Client - Startup Software Co.

  • Sentry Management System - Sentry system for commercial real estate including integration with mobile devices via Bluetooth. Client - Leading Commercial Real Estate Security Co.

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