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"When you design, you must design for search engines, not just for browsers. The best way to list is to have well -organized content that's where best sites penetrate the search engines."

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offers you the facility of Optimizing and Positioning of your website in the Major Search Engines. The moment you avail the opportunity of Search Engine Optimizing and Positioning Package, our web site designers will start their work very closely with our Search Engine Positioning Specialists. During the process Graphic Designer and Web Site Developers make sure that your Web Site is designed to look great and is properly coded to gain high ranking in the Leading/ Major Search Engines and Directories.

Studies have shown that 98% of all search engine traffic comes form the top 10 search engines and directories. Our Search Engine Specialists believe that it is more important and cost effective to master these engines and directories. It's not quantity but quality that matter to us.

We initiate the process by determining the Keyword/Phrase that best describe your Website/Business. Then we build META Tags, for the few search engines that still use these. META Tags are important but not the only answer to achieving high search engine rankings. There are many other key elements, which play major role in achieving high search engine rankings, like the process of Key Density Analysis which is used to adjust the word density as required.

There are Search Crawlers who follows the link, and if you have good internal links in your Website, it increases the chances that crawlers will follow them and this increases deep crawling to your Website. The very common problem faced by the search engines are framed websites. This aspect brings complication with the search engines when they indexes an orphan window outside of the frameset; this leaves the visitor stranded and unable to link into your Website. The other possibility could be that search engines won't even enter a site with frames at all. We insure your site is valuable and navigable from vide verity of clients assessing the Web from vide verity of environment.

The placement and maintenance of your website is monitored through out the year. This becomes even more important whenever the search engines changes their specifications. Maintenance is an extremely important aspect of a quality web site, not just for the benefit of search engines, but also for overall accuracy of your company's information.

We focus on making your site attractive to the 13 most popular Search Engines and Directories: Yahoo - MSN - Google - AOL - Looksmart - Iwon - HotBot - Fast - AltaVista - Lycos - Netscape - Northern Light - Open Directory

Just by having your web site found on the 1st page of any of these search engine can bring you an incredible amount of visitors to view your products or services on a daily basis.

The offer we are providing in our Traffic Maintenance Package includes the following:

  • Yahoo! Directory Paid Submission
  • LookSmart Directory Paid Submission
  • Monthly Submission to the top Search Engines as required
  • Monthly Website Adjustment
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis
  • Monthly Traffic Log Analysis
  • Monthly Search Engine Placement Report
  • Monthly Consultation on Website Productivity Improvement
  • Inclusion in our Proprietary Link Popularity Program

In addition to the above basic service, we also provide hourly consultations on PPC (Pay Per Click) search engines, doorway page development and internet marketing strategy consultations.

Search engine optimization services

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