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A) Corporate Identity

In today’s marketplace, the establishment of corporate identity is not merely restricted to providing a service to your clients but if it goes beyond that-it relates to how best the service is? And how easily client can avail it? What are the complementary service/products you are providing with your main offerings? Identity is crucial to the marketing strategy of any company and a creative solution that will evolve and move with your business must be a continuation of an overall plan and ethos.

The first step in this process is to collaborate with the client to arrive at a position from which a marketing strategy and creative brief can emerge. At this level, all points of implementation of plans are discussed to clearly depict the image company plans for the progress of their clients.

The practical work is followed towards a final solution that will achieve a unique, recognizable, and familiar system of identification. Your identity will reflect the fundamental nature of the product or service you provide and differentiate you from your marketplace.

Affiliation of your company and your products with NewYorkWebsiteDesigner helps you leverage business on the Internet and capture strong market presence and leading technology. The NewYorkWebsiteDesigner logos identify you as an NewYorkWebsiteDesigner’s Channel/Solution partner — an image that you will profit.

At NewYorkWebsiteDesigner we provide all requisites you need to successfully include NewYorkWebsiteDesigner logos in your Marketing and Advertising Materials:

  • Downloadable logo files
  • Detailed usage guidelines
  • When you want to use NewYorkWebsiteDesigner Logo for different purposes (sponsorship, promotion), you requires prior written consent from NewYorkWebsiteDesigner. The logo should not be used as an indication of endorsement by NewYorkWebsiteDesigner that you do not otherwise have. The logo must not be integrated in any other logo.
  • Examples of incorrect usage, because proper and consistent use of logos ensures that NewYorkWebsiteDesigner corporate identity remains intact, we recommend that you carefully review the usage guidelines before downloading the logos.

As we embrace new technologies and make the world more easily accessible for business opportunities on the Internet, we perfect the art of making complex technologies work in a way that ensures the growth of your business/website.

B) Web Portal Design and Development

Today's businesses are bombarded with information, but it is often difficult and time consuming to find the valuable information in all the clutter. The corporate portal helps time-conscious workers quickly to target information relevant to his or her work.

A corporate portal provides quick, easy access to all the information relevant to corporate users, through a personalized web page. From this single starting point, employees, customers or partners can access reports, perform analysis, complete transactions, or review key information about markets and products. This information may be scattered throughout the Internet, corporate network, and intranet sites, but a corporate portal provides users with links to all these sources, saving valuable time.

Web enabling client-server or legacy application is done to enhance the reach and usefulness of time tested business critical applications that are built in non-web technology. Typically, application interface is re-engineered maintaining the business logic intact. This may need minor structural adjustments to separate the functionality into appropriate tiers. Conversion of user interface screens / forms into web pages is done. Web graphics and static content is designed and merged with user interface controls to provide native web look and feel. These will be deployed in web servers. In large applications, selective features are prioritized and re-engineered to meet time to market requirements

C) E- Commerce Solutions

What an e-Business offers :

  • Access to customers all over the world, efficiently, round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Expand market reach and potential for improved sales
  • Provide superior delivery of products and services while maintaining a closer relationship with customers
  • Allow faster communication - with greater accuracy - thus gaining competitive edge
  • Reduce operating costs

E Banking

The scope of electronic banking continues to rapidly expand, creating dramatic possibilities in the financial marketplace. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offers integrated solutions to keep pace with this rapid growth. Our solutions provide customers instant access to account information and carry out financial & non-financial transactions 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world in a highly secure environment.

e-Manage Services:

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides support and optimizes your e-business environments thus aligning your applications with your latest business needs.

E-Solutions Careers:

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has ties with many reputed recruitment agencies. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner is always on the look out for motivated professionals who want to work with leading-edge technologies to deliver creative business solutions to our clients.

Online Marketing Services:

Effectively reach target markets NewYorkWebsiteDesigner develops and executes online marketing and branding strategies to help clients build one-to-one customer relationships and generate new revenue streams.

D) Web Redesign

Entice visitors to your Web site and keep them coming back. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides high valued web content for your business thus strengthening your base.

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