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A) Application Maintenance

All software applications require updating over time, either due to changes in office working practices, development of new business procedures, or replacement of outdated software technologies. Moreover, the resources and skills necessary to undertake ongoing maintenance can cripple organizations that must focus on their core business. The idea of Application Maintenance is to maintain your software assets and maximize return on your investment at the same time.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner Maintenance Services provide you with the expertise to maintain your strategic business applications, offering superior skills in Internet technologies, responding at Internet speed. Our Application Maintenance professionals provide the technical expertise necessary whether our customers need functional enhancements or maintenance of existing applications.

Our Maintenance methodology results in rapid transition from our client's development team to NWD's support team. This enables clients to quickly free technical resources from time consuming maintenance work, allowing them to take on leading edge development efforts.

We follow the following methodology:

  • Corrective Maintenance covering bug fixes and application support
  • Adaptive Maintenance covering changes to support changing business or technical environments and new requirements

NWD's Offshore Development Center creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi- disciplinary resources, organized and managed to meet business objectives. It acts as an extension of our clients resources, while leveraging NWD's expertise and infrastructure.

Many organizations are turning to Microsoft technologies to leverage their existing IT solutions to meet emerging business challenges. With Microsoft offering products and solutions for most business situations like Win 2000, Exchange 2000, other Microsoft .NET enterprise server products, it makes for technological sense to adopt Microsoft technologies. Because of the strong services alliance between NewYorkWebsiteDesigner and Microsoft, NewYorkWebsiteDesigner can provide you with the highest level of services and support for Microsoft technology available today.

B) Network Management

Network Problem Management, Network Security Management Integration & Inter-operatability Management, Change Management, Network Performance Management, Infrastructure Sizing & Planning, Mail and Messaging Management, Internet, Intranet & Extranet Management.

C) Software Management

Operating System Management, System Administration, Database Administration, Documentation Management and Performance Management, Client/Server, or Web Application management.

D) Custom Hosting

Expanding your business using the Internet introduces new requirements and new risks. Online commerce demands technological expertise that many companies do not have in-house today. NWD's hosting services meet the needs of organizations of all sizes seeking secure, high-performance, high-availability Internet applications. We design, build, and host innovative application services focused on the unique speed, scale, and security requirements of Internet-enabled business processes. We provide robust Internet infrastructures that enable creative solutions to the challenges of moving your business ahead at Internet speed.

E) Support Services

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offers its clients 24/7 remote application support and enhancement. That's when our technical support team is available to handle any and all support issues. Just real, live, intelligent and highly trained people ready to get your system back on track ASAP. For application maintenance, NewYorkWebsiteDesigner applies its specially developed methodology that focuses on setting up various acceptance criteria objectively with service level agreement and key performance indicators to deliver expected and acceptable support.

The idea behind support services is to go beyond simply reducing costs; it is about providing a strategic advantage by allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. Your interactions with our technical support team will be efficient and productive. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offers cost-effective, cross-platform solutions for maintaining your strategic applications that serve your mission-critical business requirements.

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