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A) Strategy and Planning

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has distinguished itself as a provider of exceptional technology solutions to help businesses to adapt to the constantly changing market place. With over vast experience in strategic services, NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has successfully executed projects on various domains within time and cost constraints. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has impeccable credentials as a service provider in providing valuable advice and helping its clients to meet their mission and critical needs.

Our expertise in technology, coupled with its vast experience and high technology professional services, enable us to deliver value added services to clients. Customers are efficiently taken from concept to complete implementation in record time, meeting the demands for increased productivity within the budget constraints of a challenging economic environment

B) IT Consulting

NWD's consultants help businesses implement and benefit from emerging technologies. Our ability to develop customized solutions that contribute to performance and support business strategy ensures that our clients experience the benefits promised by these technologies. NWD's experience in tackling the challenges of the Internet economy have endowed us with the unique ability to help businesses to optimize the technologies and processes of their enterprises. This ensures a close working relationship with our customers and a thorough understanding of their requirements and processes.

We channelise our clients' business strategies by planning and implementing improvements that produce bottom-line results. All services are designed to increase the quality and delivery speed of products and services, and to align technology with our clients' growth and profit goals. We offer consulting in the following domain areas:

  • Integration Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Migration Services
  • Application Rationalization
  • Reengineering of Applications
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Maintenance and Support

C) Business Plans

Internet Revolution has led to efficient ways of doing business. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner is geared up to help businesses re-engineer, realize web's full potential and reap benefits from doing business on the internet. At NewYorkWebsiteDesigner, we help organizations to create:

  • New business opportunities in Internet Technology
  • New e-Business models
  • New value additions to the corporate.
  • Business process outsourcing opportunities
  • Strong off shore Project Management
  • Successful and ever lasting relations with our clients

D) Marketing Strategy

Today's most successful companies strive for a properly aligned organization to structure, streamlined processes, and cost-effective technology. Where they often fail is in aligning people, process, and technology with their "big picture" marketing strategy. Aligning operations with marketing strategy can serve as a differentiator to the company's value proposition. Through NewYorkWebsiteDesigner we channelise our clients' marketing strategies by planning and implementing improvements that produce bottom-line results. We offer our clients expertise in the following domains:

  • Private Labeling
  • Co-Branding
  • Affiliate Marketing

E) Business Development

  • Integration Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Migration Services
  • Application Rationalization
  • Reengineering of Applications
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Data Conversion
  • Insurance Application Integration
  • Customization
  • End User Training
  • Process Improvement / Training Services
  • Data Warehousing
  • Assessment Advisory Services
  • Long-term Relationship Services

F) Business Process Management

Knowledge Management

Our range of enterprise, learning and knowledge management solutions can be configured to meet your specific needs. We help you do the following:

  • Decrease program costs and increase intellectual capital by merging advanced technologies, knowledge management systems, and a tailored approach to learning.
  • Improve customer and partner satisfaction by developing a more knowledgeable and responsive workforce. Connect the right people with the right content to improve learning, collaborative development, innovation, and informed decision-making.
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