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Startup business Services

Newyorkwebsitedesigner’s Startup business services are here to help you complete your business plan and start your business at your own pace.

Today's IT organizations are faced with particularly difficult challenges to satisfy business requirements in a rapidly changing competitive landscape. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offsourcing model provides an effective solution to many of these challenges. Our services place an enterprise in a great competitive position by leveraging our resources to support increasing needs coupled with scarce domestic resources.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner offers a Startup business services which allows for the following:

  • Performance: A Competency Center develops and maintains skills and domain knowledge on client's environment, standards, norms and products. The center retains both explicit and tacit knowledge about the unique requirements of the customer in addition to being in the forefront of the technology area. This combination of business knowledge and technical skills allows the Competency Center to deliver high quality solutions that bring performance advantage to the customer.
  • Time to Market: With the availability of skilled dedicated resources in the Competency Center, customers need not worry about missing deadlines or being left behind in the marketplace. This allows Client to have flexibility resource utilization.
  • Cost: Finally, customers can gain tremendous cost advantages as these centers are situated offshore, resulting in much lower costs compared to onsite consulting services.

Competency Centers:

Competency Centers at NewYorkWebsiteDesigner are an extended arm of our Client's development team, and demonstrate NewYorkWebsiteDesigner's continuous commitment to find innovative ways for delivering value added services to our Clients.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner develops these centers based on customer and market driven requirements. Once set up, the centers build core competencies in their area of specialization ensuring they remain leading edge. As a center begins working with customers, it develops critical domain knowledge related to the customer's business. Customers can then leverage the center's technical and domain expertise to gain competitive advantage.

Unlike a typical "project based" setup, the Competency Center strives to build and maintain a base of resources - a team - that is very familiar and trained in the client's products, environment, standards, norms, and quality assurance requirements. A team that understands the client's business and technology which can be quickly changed in size without the administrative overhead of resourcing, managing and enabling the team with the infrastructure required. And, of course, delivers high-quality cost-effective solutions.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner's Competency Centers bring a unique solution to technical resource requirements of organizations. Professionals in a Competency Center are focused on a particular technology platform and business domain pertaining to a given Client. The knowledge assets acquired by the center remain with it even while individuals move on to other activities. Clients assign projects to the center which assumes full responsibility of the assignment and delivers end-to-end solutions.

Competency Center Structure:

A Competency Centers is a microcosm of the organization itself, managed by a Project Director/Manager. Operating within the framework of the organization, a center director/manager is empowered to take tactical decisions, thus allowing for quick and effective decision-making. A center may have one or more teams that are responsible for assignments from customers.

Knowledge Development and retention:

The Competency Centers strive to learn from each assignment. This is required for each center as it allows the centers to develop and maintain knowledge assets about the domain. The types of learning are:

  • Pre-assignment learning: Here a conscious effort is made to gather and disseminate among team members any past experience with the type of work, the customer or any other relevant topic.
  • On-going learning: During the life of an assignment the teams accumulate the lessons-learned and mistakes made throughout the project. These are shared among team members.
  • Post assignment learning and lessons learned: The teams do a post project learning assessment and lessons learned session and summary. These are summarized in writing and shared with the rest of the organization.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner Advantage:

We have made this a reality for more than one client. We partner with our clients to invest in replicating their IT environments, training our teams, setting up communication & security systems and integrating our development processes with them to ensure that the offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of the client's development facilities. We also invest in creating a pool of additional resources that can be used to augment the team at any time.

  • Quality processes and methodologies
  • State-of-the-art communications infrastructure
  • Cost Savings
  • Value Added
  • Low attrition rate ensuring greater continuity
  • Example

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has set up a dedicated product competency center for a New Jersey based startup that focused on the following activities:

  • Product development including new development and feature enhancements
  • Research and development such as investigation of new features and technologies, and evaluation of feasibility in technology and/or functionality.
  • Quality assurance - ensuring quality of the product and program managing the overall product engineering processes.
  • End-user professional services - including integration and customization services.

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