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“Can technology ever be separated from changing scenario? If not, then you must change your infrastructure as per the changing technology.”

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has developed a proprietary suite of Internet tools and products that can be leveraged, singly or in combination, to extend and enhance our service offerings in a way that delivers more value at less cost. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner with its latest technology always keeps a keen eye on the latest development in the Industry and our technology experts are always busy updating our/partners/clients technological tools making them fully compatible to the latest changes in the technology. Our objective is to provide high quality and sophisticated features at affordable prices.

Application Server

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner is built on the Microsoft Application Framework, harnessing the power of COM, DCOM, and Windows2000 for resource management, connection pooling, and transaction management.

Applications Tools and Utilities
In our workshop, applications are written in various environments and can be extended in the future. These include:
HTML for traditional web pages
SQL and ASP for database application
MIVA, DHTML, JAVA script, VB scripts for e-commerce
Tools and Utilities are used for implementing, editing, and collaborating. These include:
Client Portal
NewYorkWebsiteDesigner’s self editing environment
Interface for internal producers
Conduits for exporting code to application platforms such as HTML, SQL, and MIVA scripts

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner User Interface

The most common problem faced by developers is the complicated set of class libraries and components in most application framework. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides developers with an intuitive and efficient browser-based user interface for creating the data model and building application-specific objects.

Application Programming Interface (API)

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner’s object-based Application Programming Interface can be called from any Component Object Model –compliant, or Simple Object Access Protocol-compliant language, such as VBScript, Java, JavaScript, and Visual Studio.NET Languages. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides developer-level access to the its objects and application objects those, which are used to build distributed applications.

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner ’s Modules

These are the functional components that NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has developed. These include:

  1. Infrastructure Modules
  2. Content Modules (Meeting Minutes and Agendas)
  3. Application Modules (Various Statistics, Integration for third-party technologies) These modules allow the deployment of functions in a package that best meets a customer's needs. Additionally, the modules support phased implementation, allowing for deployment of additional features over time.

Hosting @ NewYorkWebsiteDesigner

NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has developed a state-of-the-art-hosting milieu, specifically tailored to its extended enterprises platform. The environment meets the high availability needs of enterprises customers and includes redundancy at each of three server tiers as well as for all network and database storage devices.

Content Management System

  • NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides all necessary requisites to configure a complete dynamic content management interface without programming.
  • Presentation templates that include all the functionality required to display and manage records with edit history and workflow.
  • User controls-drop-down lists, buttons, text boxes, etc., on content entry screen are dynamically generated based on data type defined in the data model.
  • Records the date, time, username, workflow stage, and comments for all edits to content managed by NewYorkWebsiteDesigner.
  • Navigation and workflow are integrated with security model.

These technologies have become repository for all web site content and code. It facilitates various valuable features, such as version control and dynamic page building. If we think of availing these facilities at individual efforts, it becomes difficult to avail them. These facilities become cost-effective in service-bureau environment.

Data Management

  • NewYorkWebsiteDesigner provides automatic assignment and management of system-generated identification numbers for all records in NewYorkWebsiteDesigner to ensure data integrity.
  • This provides complete record versioning, management, and history tracking integrated with security and workflow model.
  • Provides complete data validation based on the data type defined in the data model.
  • Comprehensive workflow capability allows a developer to create unlimited, custom-defined workflow stages
  • This helps the developer to create custom business rules and associated error messages without programming.

These technological offerings are the value-added building blocks, which become foundation for developing a technology which can be an added advantage to any Internet base Business or otherwise support your business at other levels. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner has built easy-to-use news delivery and product database; facility of search engine optimization, and designed e-commerce capability that work seamlessly on any website. NewYorkWebsiteDesigner continually improves its suite of technology tools which are vital in creating a destination Website.

Technologies we use

We have expertise in the following internet technologies:


Front-end: XML, HTML, DHTML, Java script, VB script

Databases: MS Access and SQL

Security: Security integrates with ADSI, NDS, and NT security

Application and web servers: IIS, Apache, Netscape Enterprise

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